Sardinia is an island situated south west of mainland Italy, with a rich and unique gastronomical history .
Every day, we get fresh vegetables directly from the garden.
Pecorino cheese, honey, dry bread, dry mullet eggs and many more products come directly from Sardinia.
We get our fresh fish and seafood from local fishermen here in Japan.
Our aim is to use these ingredients to create traditional Sardinian dishes to enjoy everyday, using our networks of restaurants and trattorias.

Come in Sardegna
Come la Sardegna Semplicemente Sardegna


Sardinia is often called the longevity island because of the long live of the locals.
The secret of this longevity, according to traditions, is due to a rich diet of vegetable, beans, sheep meat and pecorino cheese, together with red wine rich in polyphenols (especially cannonau wine).
Enjoying this food with family and friends is the secret of Sardinian healthy living.


Tharros is the name of the ruins of an ancient Fenician City located in the middle west of Sardinia. This city was a proper port during in Roman times.
For centuries, this place has been crucial for the trade and prosperity of various Mediterranean civilisations.
Thinking about this role in history, we decided to open our trattoria Tharros here in Shibuya, the crossroad of many cultures in Tokyo .
The cuisine is traditional of Sardinia.
Come and enjoy the homemade simplicity of this traditional island.
Here you will certainly find culinary satisfaction!


  • 1.
    We only use the highest grade olive oil (no transgenic fats)
  • 2.
    We use Sardinian sea salt ( rich in minerals from the Mediterranean Sea)
  • 3.
    We use rice oil for our fried food ( this kind of oils has low cholesterol )